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Diaper Genie® Compatible Bag Refills


Why choose Dooli™ Diaper Pail Bag Refills?

7-layers of very thin plastic film are used to make every Dooli™ bag so that oxygen can't pass through the layers. That means odors from a smelly diaper can't escape either!

But just to make sure, we had them laboratory tested to see if they keep the smelly smells inside, and they passed with flying colors.

The Diaper Pail Refill Bags are each 11"W by 28"L  the perfect width for our Diaper Genie® Compatible Bag Adapter and also the perfect length for your pail.

They come in a roll of individual bags (no more cutting long tubes of plastic!)

    How many diapers can a Diaper Pail Bag Refill hold?

    Up to 30 newborn diapers per bag (based on Newborn Stage 1 Diapers)

    25 Pack: Up to 750 diapers

    Use with the Dooli™ Diaper Pail Bag Adapter to fit the following Playtex Diaper Genie® Pails:
    1. Diaper Genie® Complete
    2. Diaper Genie® Elite
    3. Diaper Genie® Essentials
    4. Diaper Genie Expressions
    Can also be used without the Diaper Pail Bag Adapter to fit:
    1. Ubbi®
    2. Bubula™
    3. Dekor: Classic & Mini
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