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Finally! The freedom to choose your own bags.

The new patented Dooli™ Bag Adapter snaps into the top of your diaper pail and remains securely in place as you change refill bags. Choose Dooli™ 7-Layer Odor-Barrier Bag Refills, or any bag you want. The choice is yours... finally!

Before our products become available, we're giving away a Dooli™ patented bag adapter and 50 laboratory tested odor-barrier 7-layer bags to one lucky winner! All you have to do is sign up to enter. 

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Dooli™ patented bag adapters are reusable for a year (or more) and uniquely designed to fit the Diaper Genie® Elite, Diaper Genie® Essentials, Diaper Genie Expressions™, and Diaper Genie® Complete pails. Our bags are a perfect fit for your diaper pail, at 11"W x 28"L and made with laboratory tested 7-layer odor-barrier film. Plus, individual bags mean no cutting... ever again! Just tie your bag when full and replace with a new one. Each bag is sealed at one end. Plus, our adapter is reusable for up to a year or more.

The patented adapter is compatible with:

Diaper Genie Compatible Bag Adapter Gif
Diaper Genie® Complete
Diaper Genie® Elite
Diaper Genie® Essentials
Diaper Genie Expressions™

 Calling all parents!

The Dooli™ patented bag adapters for select Diaper Genie® pails incorporate a patented bag-locking technology that is unique in that you can use any bag you want. Just place the adapter in your diaper pail as you would any refill bag cartridge, unsnap the top adapter ring, pull any bag of your choice through, fold it over the bottom ring and snap it shut.

Perfect fit refill bag

We believe in the freedom to choose your own bag! But, we also believe in the quality of our Dooli™ laboratory tested 7-layer EVOH waste bags that are specially designed to keep odor contained within the barrier of the bag. Plus, our bags are designed to be a perfect fit, at 11”W x 28”L for your diaper pail. 

Parent-Friendly Bag Adapters

Cleaning up after your baby requires some work. While we aren't sure changing 1500 diapers a year will ever be the most enjoyable task, the Dooli™ patented bag adapter can make the cleanup process a little less stressful with the freedom to choose your own bag. Plus, individual bags mean no cutting... ever again! 

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