Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids (That Parents Can Actually Do!)

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You’ve been there, right?

Scrolling through Pinterest…

Clicking on a cute hair tutorial…

Saying “I can totally do this!”...

When two hours (and half a head of singed hair) later you realize…

You totally can’t do this.

Many tutorials online appear oh-so-easy but are anything but simple. And with 10/31 right around the corner, it’s tough for a mom to find Halloween makeup for your son or daughter that won’t turn into a goopy, confusing mess once you get started.

Instead of accidentally promising your kiddo a ten-color, seven-brush masterpiece, stick to one of these 11 super doable Halloween makeup tutorials!

They’re from beloved kids’ movies so you’re sure to find a character your son or daughter will love. Plus, they’re uber simple — even the shakiest hand around can master them!

Dash and Violet (from The Incredibles)

We’ll start with the easiest tutorial of all: The Incredibles.

All you need is some black face paint and a brush. You could even use a black eyeliner pencil, in a pinch!

We also love the idea of the whole family dressing up together as different characters from The Incredibles. Total cuteness overload.

 (This tutorial shows the entire costume. All you need is the eye mask!)

Minion (from Despicable Me)

Most of the minion tutorials we found require you to paint and shade goggles around the eye, which requires a steady hand and lots of patience.

This clever look lets you you cheat the design a bit and paint the goggles on your child’s forehead — making it so much easier and still giving you a really cute effect!

You could also choose to make just one eye, if you have a Kevin or Stuart fan in the house.


The Emotions (from Inside Out)

Not only is Inside Out an amazing movie for teaching kids (and, let’s be honest, parents) about feelings, the characters couldn’t make for easier Halloween makeup.

Whether your kiddo’s more of a Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, or Anger, this tutorial has got the how-to. They all use one solid color as their base, making the makeup super easy!

PNK Sorority Girl (from Monsters University)

This look might seem complicated at first, but it’s really not!

It’s actually one all-over color, five white circles, a few smaller blue circles, outlined with a few lashes thrown on top. Trust us, you can do it.

Elsa (from Frozen)

This idea is the cure for the common “Let it Go” addiction.

The Elsa tutorial below is a little more intricate than some of the other tutorials here. But it’s a lot easier than the popular Elsa “crown” tutorials that are floating around online. It’s a good middle ground for a Frozen fan!

You only need three colors of face paint (dark blue, white, and light blue — which you could make yourself by mixing the first two) and sparkles and you’re good to go.

Ariel & Flounder (from The Little Mermaid)

How sweet is this costume idea for a sister and brother pair?!

The look for Ariel is really simple. It mainly involves using makeup you already have around the house.

Flounder only needs yellow, blue, and white face paint...and minimal effort to create those stripes!

Emojis (from The Emoji Movie)

Whether you prefer the kissy face, the winky face, or our personal fave: the cry/laughy face, there’s something for everyone in this tutorial.

Very few materials are required, which is nice! Most looks just call for yellow face paint plus white, black, blue, or red accents, depending on the emoji you choose.

We lost count of how many different emojis this tutorial actually walks you through — but there’s a bunch of options!

(Fair warning: Poop emoji not included. #wompwomp)

Spiderman (from, well, Spiderman)

Even though it only involves three colors, this is probably the most intricate design in our roundup. Luckily, the tutorial breaks it down and makes the spiderweb pattern easily doable!

If you ask us, you can stop at the 2:30 mark — this would be more than enough for a satisfactory Spiderman. But if you want to get fancy, (you go, Glen Coco,) you can add the white highlights, too.

Princess Poppy or Branch (from Trolls)

Although this is a tutorial for Princess Poppy, you could swap the pink for a blue/gray to create a similar look for Branch.

Both of these looks require just 1-2 colors of face paint, plus some glitter. (Trolls need their glitter!)

We also love that a little girl is doing this tutorial on herself, which shows how easy it is! Top the makeup off with some DIY troll hair and you’ve got a seriously fun DIY costume.


All this precious look requires is some black (or brown) liquid eyeliner and a white eyeliner pencil — things you probably already have on hand. Top it with this easy DIY deer antler headband and you’re almost ready to trick or treat.

Note: The tutorial below is shown on an adult but can easily be adapted for kids. Follow the main process and decide how closely you want to stick to the rest. (Your kiddo probably doesn’t require curled eyelashes and mascara...but it’s up to you!)

For a fidgety child, save yourself the hassle and just focus on applying eyeliner to the top eyelid, (skip the bottom). You’ll still get the same doe-eyed effect.

Emmet and Wild Style (from The Lego Movie)

It doesn’t get much easier than these looks! Yellow face paint and a few additional strokes are all you need.

We’re big fans of simple here at Dooli™.

Skip the headache of an overly complicated costume and encourage your child to pick from one of these easy ideas.

Then proceed to spend all the time you save diving into the extra candy stash. Or taking another stab at that Pinterest hair tutorial. (That waterfall braid isn’t gonna perfect itself!)

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