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Is Dooli™ Eco-Friendly?

Dooli™ bag adapters are reusable for 50 bags+. That's less plastic in landfills each year for every Dooli™ adapter used. The environment will thank you.

What bags can I use with the Dooli™ bag adapters?

Dooli™ bag adapters incorporate patented bag-locking technology that is unique in that you can use any bag you want. Just unsnap the top ring, pull any bag of your choice through, fold it over the bottom ring and snap it shut.  

Are Dooli™ bags better than ordinary bags?

Dooli™ offers laboratory tested 7-layer EVOH waste bags that are specially designed to keep odor contained within the barrier of the bag. Plus, our bags are designed to be a perfect fit, at 11” x 28” inches for your diaper pail, and 11” x 23” for your litter pail.

How much waste can a Dooli™ bag hold?

Parents: Dooli™ bags can hold up to 30 newborn diapers per bag (based on stage 1 newborn diapers). Cat owners: We anticipate it can hold up to 2 weeks or more of waste per cat. Dog owners: This will vary depending on the size of your dog. For a small dog, Dooli™ can hold up to 2 weeks or more. For a large dog, Dooli™ can hold up to a week or more.

What happened to the Dooli™ Pet Waste Pail from Kickstarter?

There have been a lot of changes for the Dooli™ team since our Kickstarter campaign. While we were redesigning the pail to incorporate a larger opening, we started thinking about you – our first supporters. Many of you expressed interest in our bag adapter and refills. We were ready to start producing those products right away, and so made the decision to put the pail on hold for the time being. However, we haven't given up! We still have plans to make our Dooli™ Pet Waste Pail a reality and will provide updates along the way.

Why are there four tabs on the diaper pail bag adapters?

The four tabs are strategically incorporated to ensure the adapter remains snugly in place in your pail. In fact, for every pail besides the Diaper Genie® Expressions, you can put our adapter in place and leave it there! Just change your bags as needed. The same holds true for the litter pail adapter.

How do Pre-Orders work? 

For pre-orders, your payment will be collected in full at the time of the order. The exact amount you pay for in the pre-order is the amount Dooli Products, Inc. will collect. If for any reason Dooli Products, Inc. is unable to deliver product, your payment will be refunded in full.
Why do we do this? Rather than take the chance of charging someone when they had forgotten about the order and risking any financial issues, we charge the full price upfront. But don't worry, you can change or cancel your pre-order at any time before the product is processed and shipped. See our Return Policy for items that have already processed and/or shipped. For more information, see our Terms of Service, Section 7.

How many promo codes or discounts can I use when I place my order?

You can use one (1) promo code or discount per order.