About Us

Dooli Products, Inc. is a family company focused on utilizing patents for improved waste management devices. Founded in 2015, Dooli Products, Inc. is headed by David Stravitz, a consumer and industrial product designer and inventor, along with his daughter, Alison Diamond. With a background in waste disposal product development, Stravitz saw the need for a more effective and environmentally friendly refill bag system that caters to parents and pets owners. We believe dooli™ is the best bag refill option available for your wallet, and the world. 

Do it for your wallet

Fact: One baby in one year = 3,000 on average OR the equivalent of 3x the height of the Statue of Liberty. That's a lot of $. Cut costs with Dooli™.

Do it for the world

Dooli™ bag adapters are reusable for 150 bags or more. That's less plastic in landfills each year for every Dooli™ adapter used. The environment will thank you.