5 products all pet owners wish existed (and the real-life products that come really close!)

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Ah, the joys of being a pet owner.

There’s nothing better than having your cat or dog curl up next to you in bed at the end of a long, stressful workday.

But when you wake up to a pile of vomit...on the white carpet...on a morning when you overslept before an important meeting…

Being a pet mom isn’t quite so glamorous, right?

The U.S. pet industry has exploded in recent years, now around $70 billion strong. But there are still some major gaps in the market and a whole bunch of products that only exist in our wildest dreams.

Read through for a list of the pet products we wish existed...and the closest solutions to help us out in the meantime.

Cat fur magnet

When you’re in the heart of the springtime shed and cat fur is EVERYWHERE (even in the fridge)...

When you vacuum up enough fur to make a blanket…

When you haven’t worn black clothing for years because no lint roller can control the cat hair…

That’s when this product comes in.

Imagine a magnet that effortlessly attracts every piece of cat hair within your house. As soon as it comes off your cat, it whooshes over to the magnet. Amazing, right?

Closest product match: The OXO FurLifter line

We love that this product is eco-friendly. It uses a microfiber surface to attract cat hair, instead of wasteful sticky sheets.

The best part is that it’s self-cleaning. Just pop the wand into the base and it emerges completely clean. When the base gets full, just pull off the base and remove the clump of hair. Easy!

Multi-Pet Food Dish

Feeding a varied group of pets at home can be painful.

When you’ve got one cat on a renal diet, one that needs food for dental hygiene, and a kitten needing kitten food, it can get out of control really quickly.

It would be awesome to have a product that delivers the right food, in the right amount, to the right cat. And while we’re at it, let’s find a way to remove the possibility of babies or toddlers eating out of the cat bowl!

Closest product match: SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

The SureFeed scans a pet’s microchip and dispenses the correct type of food based on their ID.

Reviews say that it’s best to get each cat their own feeder, though. Our dream product is one food bowl that can be used for everyone, but this is pretty darn close!

Poo vanisher

How amazing would it be if your dog or cat’s poo could be erased with a single spray? If you could just direct your nozzle toward the turd and pshhhhh! GONE.

In our dreams, this product would also double as a vomit vanisher. And hairball vanisher. And every-other-animal-bodily-fluid vanisher. (I mean, why not? It’s our fantasy.)

Closest product match:  Litter Genie® Compatible Bag Refills

You can’t make poo disappear but you can vanish odors! Our bags have 7-layer odor barriers so smells are completely contained within your litter pail.

Daytime Distractor

Is there anything worse than looking into your pet’s sad eyes when you leave for the day?

It would be amazing to have some kind of product to keep them company and play with them while you’re gone. We’d feel so much less guilt if there were a hologram or robot or animatronic gizmo that kept them company when we’re not around.

Closest product match: PetChatz Digital Daycare

PetChatz’s two-way video chat feature is just where it starts.

The product has a treat dispenser, games to keep your pet entertained, even aromatherapy to calm an anxious dog. PetChatz can also record their activity during the day...so you’ll finally get a glimpse of what they actually do when you’re not home!

Mind Reader

Since seeing the dog collar in the movie Up — the one that spoke his thoughts aloud — we’ve been dreaming of this product.

Whether you want to know if something’s wrong with your pet’s health…

Hear their thoughts about everyday things like their food or toys...

Or simply know what’s going on inside their furry little heads…

A mind-reading device would basically be the best pet product ever.

(Unless our pets say they don’t want us to cuddle them so much. Then the collar needs to go.)

Closest product match: There are products like Bow Lingual and Meow Lingual that claim to interpret your pet’s sounds and behavior. But honestly? There’s nothing we’ve found that seems to follow through on those promises.

If you’re really dying to know your pet’s thoughts, maybe a trip to the pet psychic is in order? (If nothing else, you’ll get some good stories out of it!)

Until these dream products exist, there’s Dooli™.

Dooli™ products are designed to make the reality of pet odors much easier.

Our Litter Genie® Compatible Bag Adapter allows you to use any bag to refill your Litter Genie® — so reuse your plastic shopping bags to give them new life.

Or, try the Litter Genie® Compatible Bag Refills with seven layers of odor-blocking technology to keep smells completely contained.

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