Hate the diaper change? Try these 10 hacks.

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Sometimes, the littlest thing can make the biggest difference.

Your favorite song on the radio while waiting at a red light.

A smile from the secretary at the DMV.

Extra salt on the rim of your spicy margarita, without even needing to ask.

Or, if you’re a new mom, finding that ONE magical trick that makes diaper changing less painful.

Every baby is different, just like every mom is different. It takes a while to find the right groove and settle on a routine that works for your unique rhythms.

To give you a head start, here are 10 little things you can do to make the diaper-changing experience more enjoyable for both of you.

Tips for a squirm-free diaper change

Incorporate rewards

This tip pulls double duty (no pun intended). It makes diaper changing easier AND teaches little ones about delayed gratification — a crucial skill for success later in life.

Set up a reward system around diaper changing, so that your baby gets a special treat only after the new diaper is successfully on. You could share a beloved toy that’s only available for 10 minutes after diaper time. Try putting on a favorite song as a reward. One mom we know swears that a single Nerd candy works wonders to motivate her child through a diaper change. What type of reward would work best with your parenting style and values?

Become a distraction master

A little distraction makes diaper time so much more bearable for little ones. (Which means less squirming and more ease for Mom.)

A few ways to successfully distract your little one: sing a song, give baby a favorite book, play a quick game of peekaboo, start a countdown, or even install a colorful mobile above the changing table. Test out a few different strategies to find the go-to distraction trick for your baby.

Embrace the screen

A little technology can be a huge help during diaper changes. We love the White Noise Baby app for a way to distract your little one with 20 looping ambient sounds. The app also includes an high-contrast interactive rattle, perfect for a few more moments of distraction if the ambient noises don’t do the trick.

When all else fails, you can always put on a favorite TV show or let your child play a quick game on your phone. We’re not the screen police — whatever it takes to get through the day is okay by us, Mom. :)

Cleanliness & organization tips

Store items vertically

Most people stack their changing stations horizontally (like piling diapers on top of one another). Instead, store your items upright, so they can be easily accessed from the top of drawers, like this:

(Source: The Land of Nod)

The goal is for every item to be accessible without having to dig. This is a big help with limited visibility during middle-of-the-night changes or if your hands are covered in, well, stuff.

Use resources wisely

Genius pro tip? Use your baby’s diaper for your first wipe.

Find a clean spot on the diaper and wipe us as much mess as you can from the get-go. It leaves less mess to clean up with baby wipes, which reduces your waste (and saves you money) and makes diaper changes that much quicker.

Prevent surprise messes

You’d be amazed how far a little boy can shoot when he’s diaperless! To keep “surprises” from getting all over your home, cover up boys with a washcloth, tissue, or pee pee teepee while mid-change.

In a similar vein, put a washcloth or a clean diaper underneath girls as you change them to prevent leaks on the changing table.

Simplify waste collection

Instead of walking a dirty diaper from the changing table through your house to the garbage can, bring the garbage to you!

A Diaper Genie® really is a necessary luxury. The Diaper Genie® Compatible Bag Adapter by Dooli™ makes it even easier (and more affordable) by allowing you to use your own bags in the machine!

Just snap on the adapter and use whatever plastic bags you have laying around the house. It’s a smart, practical investment that reduces waste and makes diaper time so much easier.   

Enhancing the experience

Use a portable changing pad

When you’re out and about, the last thing you want to do is put your baby on a skeezy changing table in a public bathroom.

In times like these, it helps to have a portable changing pad (like this fold-up option from Amazon). It’s an easy way to keep your baby clean and avoid sending your Mom brain into a germ-filled panic spiral. Just toss the changing pad in the washing machine to freshen it up.

Treat yourself

(Source: Little Unicorn)

...to a chic diaper bag.

Sometimes, it’s really nice not to feel like a MOM all the time, isn’t it? Add a little joy to your routine by treating yourself to a diaper bag that doesn’t scream “watch out, Mom coming through” to the world.

We especially love Little Unicorn for chic diaper bags under $100, especially this Brookside Tote — tons of interior pockets and a timeless tote design.

Take a deep breath

Remember, this time is fleeting. Your baby will be running around in big boy/girl undies before you know it. So before you groan and head to the changing table, take a calming deep breath and remind yourself this time is a blessing.

Yes, we said it: changing diapers is a blessing! Take a moment to re-center and be present for the experience. This can be a bonding experience where you give your child pure, high-quality care. At the very least, it’s a few moments every day when you have pure, uninterrupted time together. Enjoy it, Mama!

Diaper changing time really can be a nice experience, once you learn how to make it work for you. Pick just one of these tips to mix into your routine this week and see how it works for you.

Dooli™ products help make parenthood easier.

To simplify the diaper changing experience, check out our Diaper Genie® Compatible Bag Adapter and 7-layer Diaper Genie® Compatible Bag Refills.

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