10 easy hairstyles you can create in under 5 minutes

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It's the most wonderful time of the year.

And yes, it's a magical family experience and we're so grateful for another year of holiday cheer.

But can we be real for a sec?

It's also busy. And chaotic. And stressful.

When you’re juggling school recitals and Secret Santas and holiday parties, there's not a whole lot of "me time” to stop and smell the poinsettias.

Here at Dooli™, we're big fans of the Look Good Feel Good concept. That's not to say that looks are everything. (I mean, our standard company dress code involves Lululemons and mascara-less eyelashes.)

But you can’t deny it — a good hair day does some pretty phenomenal things to your mood.

Underneath every busy mom is a woman who deserves to feel amazing in her skin, especially on days when she’s got 101 things on her to-do list (and 101 more things in her holiday Amazon cart).

So here are 10 super simple 5-minutes-or-less hairstyles that will have you fending off compliments, with an Elle Woods-esque:

1. The Modern Bow

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We've gotta start with this bow for the holidays! It’s a current twist on the more polished hair bow. And it's only three steps, two bobby pins, and one hair elastic to DONE.

2. Double Braid Upstyle

Will we ever tire of chunky dutch braids? Probs not. They key with this look is to pull the braids apart (or “pancake” them, in beauty industry speak) to get that amazing texture.

3. Topsy Tail French Ponytail

Raise your hand if you owned a Topsy Tail in the 90s! Use the same simple technique to create this cute, cool, effortless updo.

4. Messy Bun — 6 Ways

Who doesn't love a hairstyle that makes "messy" chic? This tutorial gives you six variations of the tried-and-true messy bun. Pick your favorite and get to messin'!

5. Quick Trick for Gorgeous Curls

Think you don't have time to curl your hair? If you've got five minutes, you've got enough for this loose, pretty style. (Yes, really.)

6. Tucked French Braid

Tucking in the end elevates a simple French braid to a whole new level. Try this style with a dutch (or "inside out") French braid for a more textured look.

7. Twist and Pin Chiffon

This style looks incredibly polished but takes only minutes. Just twist back the sides, flip up the back, and pin away!

8. Twisted Rope Crown

If you love wearing your hair half-up, half-down, try this modern rope style for a *twist* on a traditional braid.

9. Elegant Low Bun

A smooth bun at the nape of your neck is the definition of elegance. If you're looking for something a bit more formal, this is your jam!

10. The Easiest Updo of All Time

You need to try this for your next holiday party. Just...take our word on this one. It looks incredibly classy but is as simple as doing a ponytail.

Two more hairstyle quick tips

Work with the hair you have, not the hair you want. Don't fight your natural texture, choose styles that work with it!

Master 2-3 styles. Instead of trying to do #allofthehairstyles, pick 2-3 that work best with your hair and your styling skills. With a little practice, you'll get better at creating them AND will finish them faster!

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