10 Incredibly Chic (and Green) Holiday Wrapping Ideas

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Every year, we spend $2.6 billion and generate 4 million tons of waste…

On wrapping paper. (Source)

Yup. Insane, right?

But the problem with most eco-friendly wrapping paper options is that...well...they look like something a hippie made in their backyard.

Wrapping presents in random fabric swatches or crumpled up magazine pages just doesn’t give off the Joanna Gaines vibe we’re going for this holiday.

Luckily, there’s a way to wrap holiday presents in a way that’s green, thrifty, AND gorgeous.

Here are our favorite chic eco-friendly gift wrap ideas (and our tips for ironing out crinkled paper to look more polished!):


Source: readingmytealeaves.com

Instead of reaching for the comics (a tried-and-true gift wrap option) look for newspaper pages with mostly text. The bold typography against the muted gray background is beautiful on its own.

If you want to add a pop of color with a holly branch or colored ribbon. Or stick to a neutral palette with striking black ribbon or twine.

Brown paper grocery bags

Source: almostmakesperfect.com

Cut up leftover paper grocery bags for a classic gift wrap option.

We love the minimalist look of brown paper on its own when it comes to gift wrap. If you like a little more zhuzh for the holidays, simple white paint can take the look to a new level. Try these great ideas from Almost Makes Perfect!

Sheet music

Source: maisondepax.com

How chic and timeless is this idea?!

Use old sheet music you have stuffed inside the piano bench or ask your local school or church if they have any leftover music from old productions laying around.

Outdated Calendars

Source: blah-to-tada.blogspot.co.uk

Don’t chuck those 2017 calendars, put them to good use!

Circle the number 25 for Christmas or — the idea we’re obsessed with — circle a different date for each night of Hanukkah. Don’t worry about sticking to the right month,  no one will notice once it’s wrapped up!


Source: marthastewartweddings.com

The last time we used a paper map was...well, how long ago did MapQuest come out?

Give new life to any maps you have lying around the house or car glove compartment by pairing them with a brightly colored ribbon.

Incorporate natural elements

Source: collective-evolution.com

Skip the trip to Michaels — the best gift wrap details can be found in your backyard or kitchen.

Tie things like pine tree trimmings, holly berries, twigs, pinecones, rosemary sprigs, or cinnamon sticks to make your present look like it came straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

DIY burlap ribbon

Source: craftberrybush.com

Burlap adds a rustic chic look to presents. But it can be expensive. And why spend when you can get the material for free?

Head down to the local coffee shop and after ordering something delicious, sweetly ask if they have any extra burlap bags they could spare. (Pro tip: Cafes that roast their own beans are most likely to have extra bags on hand.)

Cut the sacks into strips of varying widths, and wrap away!

Paint chip gift tags

Source: thecelebrationsociety.com

Time to whip out the paint chips from the bathroom reno project that (still) hasn’t been completed yet!

Write directly on the cards like the image below or cut the chips into trees, ornaments, stars, dreidels, or other holiday shapes for a fun feel.

Last year’s holiday cards

Source: upcyclist.co.uk

Here’s a cute way to make use of that leftover holiday card pile...

Cut up last year’s cards into the shapes of letters, to identify which gift belongs to which person. You could write the person’s name on the tag if you need further identification (or if you’ve got a family with a John, Jane, and Jackson under one roof!)

Reusable carrier

Source: nordingarden.blogspot.co.uk

Of course, you can always make the wrapping part of the gift. Use things like a rustic crate, wicker basket, reusable canvas grocery bag, ceramic canister, big coffee mug, or glass pitcher or to hold your gift.

Throw a few pine clippings from the backyard or some shredded paper to make the open-style look feel like a million bucks.

Crumpled paper make you insane?

Nothing screams “eco-friendly gift wrap” like wrinkled paper.

Taking a few minutes to smooth out your grocery bags or maps will make a world of difference to the appearance of your presents.

Click here for three ways to smooth out crumpled paper.

One final eco-friendly option (if you’re not quite ready to get your Pinterest on with the ideas above)...

Look for gift wrap products that use recycled paper materials. You may not be saving money but you can still save the planet.

This recycled wrapping paper and these recycled gift tags are great earth-friendly choices.

No matter how you wrap them up, Dooli™ products make a perfect gift for any eco-friendly new parent or pet lover!

Our compatible bag adapters for Diaper Genie® or Litter Genie® allow you to use any bag in your system — so you can re-use plastic grocery bags or any trash bag in your house!

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